Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebrating the season...Ukraine/Russian style....

It's amazing who you run into while going just a few short miles away...This man translated for our sealing and his parents are in our Ward!!!! Hello!
We were so surprised to see them there!!!!
Anya invited us to this celebration and Piter got to play his accordion for everyone!!!
Unfortunately he had a tough time remembering his Ukrainian music at time....maybe too long in America leaning music!
This man is a reporter for the Russian newspaper...
He interviewed Piter....
Gingerbread houses are so facinating don't ya think?
This little one was dancing or swaying really to the music on him mom's leg!!!He even enjoyed it from with his dad also...they wanted to know if Piter could teach accordion but of course since he plays by ear he can't but it was nice to be asked!!!

His favorite hobby!!!! He needs to practice more but time keeps slipping away from us!
Anya and her daughter at the celebration...She played Snigyrochka!!!
Piter played for all the children!
Ded Moroz and Snigyrochka!!!!
Concentrate Piter....Concentrate!!!
Time to go eat!!! Thank you very much!!!! Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Odessa + Monahan Tx + Carlsbad NM = FUN!

Hello! My name is Piter and I will be your guide for this trip....Follow me please!!!
This was the Chinese exhibit!!
Caverns is the right word for these places....

NOT the bottomless pit but clear clean water from somewhere!
This one looks hungry!
As long as they don't fall we should be fine!
Love these bacon looking growths!

This one was called the lions tail!

You first Piter....
Open Wide!!!!

I needed a sign that said....Don't Touch...;)
The Guadalupe Mountain range. The wind was really wicked!!!
This castle was just sitting there all by it's lonesome....
He's even farther out here but.....
Yes that itsy bitsy black dot at the top middle of the horizon really is Piter

I now know better that to drive on the sand but at the time I thought I could park at the picnic table! Silly me!
I never can seem to get the pictures in order but you still understand them I'm sure!

The Sandhills were amazing!
Cotton fields, oil derricks, and these windmills stretched as far as the eyes could see!
Farmland was also in abundance with cattle out to pasture!
Why this was in the Carlsbad Caverns information center I will never know....
I don't know what this place is but you got it grabs your attention!!!
I'm telling you...Piter can find friends anywhere he goes...unfortunately there not always the kind you want to take home to meet mama!!!!
I thought the aliens were in Carswell NM but we found them here!

This place served us dinner but we had enough left for lunch on the way was called Happy's!!!!
All this was very abundant throughout our journey!
Piter got up close and personal with some cotton plants....I got a sample for my birthday!!!!
The trees were wrapped for the winter and it was COLD!!!
We even had a little sleet and snow on the way home...but it was very minimal!

The wind was very fierce...and the desert was far and wide....
Over 1300 photo's and you get cacti !!!