Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Illya doesn't like Texas.


Watch together the american football.

More with Illya.

S Illya v nashem apartement.

Visit my friend Illya to us.

19 september nas posetil Illya.On bul po rabote v Dallas.I v nego bul v pyatnicu vuhodnoy,on smog k nam priehat na neskolko chesov.Mu obschalis,uszunali vmeste.A zatem poehali smotret american football.Posle mu ego otvezli v gostinnicu v Dallas.Tak kak emu nuszno bulo na vtoroy den rabotat.Eto bulo zamechatelnoe vremya ,kotoroe mu proveli v meste.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My family in Texas.

Heidi,Nathaniel,Gabriel,Me, Brain,Erikah and Chalea.

Citi Dallas.

Citi Dallas.

Eto foto ya delal s vusotu ptichego poleta.Toest s vushki obzora.Tam v nizu gde oboznacheno belum. Mesto pokusheniya na prezidenta Kennedy.Vtoroe foto Dallas ,taksze vushka obzora.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moy vnuchok Daniel

Moy vnuchok Daniel.Emu seychas 2 godika i 3 mesyaca.Ya ochen po nemu skuchayu.Lyublyu ego.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nashe joking picture.

Podgotovka k trip to Ukraine.09.08.2008g.

Na foto nasha church v Hurst.
Segodnya mu sozdali novuy blog.Teper mu moszem bolshe pisat novostey o nashey semeynoy szuzni.Rovno dva mesyaca ostalos do moego poleta v Ukraine.Ya ochen rad etomu sobutiyu.Mogu povidatsya s moey semyey.Uvidet moego vnuka,kotoromu bulo vsego 5 mesyacev,kogda ya uletel v USA. Taksze so vsemi druzyami ,kotorue szuvut na moey Rodine.Seychas nasha szuzn prohodit normalno.Zakonchilsya letniy period.Segodnya bul posledniy rabochiy den v water-parke.Gde bolshe vremeni ya provodil letom ,kogda ya bul bez malushey.Seychas ya nahoszus tolko s vnuchkoy Erikah.Ona rastet zamechatelnum i poteshnum rebenkom. Ya zapisalsya v english klas pri biblioteke.Proshol testirovanie,chtobu znat na kakom urovne menya obuchat prepodavatelyam.Eto programa ot gubernatora state.Eto poka vse novosti. Do skoroy vstrechi v Ukraine.

Old draft I just now found...No sense in wasting it!

Piter in America!!!!

Piter has arrived without any problems this wonderful day of October 6, 2006!!! His plane was a little late and his luggage didn’t catch the right flight but otherwise all is very well!!!! Several friends came to welcome him to America. They were Joan and Andrew Jacobsen, Kim David, Susan and Richard White, and of course Chalea and I!!!! Dee couldn’t make it because she had some last minute directions for the conference to give out, other tried and couldn’t as well but it was so exciting!!!! We actually got there just before he came through the doors and Chalea found him before I did! Everyone said hello and visited while we waited for the luggage but after waiting and it never coming in Piter and I went to fill out paperwork to find it. It came in on the next flight from Atlanta and they delivered it the next day about 10:30am!!!! Piter and I got to bed about 4:15am and I was up by 6:15 the next morning as Kim was leaving to go back to Utah for a few days.
I let Piter sleep until about 9am.
October 7th….Today we are going to the State Fair of Texas!!! Piter, Brian, Chalea, Nathaniel, and Gabriel are going! Piter luggage is here and it is going to be a great day! It is OU/Texas weekend and Texas won but nothing can mar this day for long!!!!! On the way to the fair Piter is seeing all the sights, and traffic and restaurants and just having a hayday trying to take it all in!!!! He is like a little child that just became aware of it’s surroundings!!!! We were passing downtown Dallas and Piter was taking pictures so fast it was great! He was loving the buildings and couldn’t get enough…he later told Leah at the dance that he thought he was dreaming. Leah told him to wake up my friend!!!! Once we get to the fair we find that all the parking areas are full but fortunately the owners of property out there love to allow you to park in their yards, driveways, streets and businesses and they make a lot of money and have a great time talking with all the people!!!! We had to walk several blocks but people kept us company along the way!!! One Longhorn fan helped us even though we were in OU clothing take the stroller down a steep hill!!! Everyone was having a great time and the joy of everyone was awesome!!! Piter thought maybe I knew them all because they were just talking away at us about football, the fair, how fun it was etc. He is amazed at how happy everyone seems to be….he will learn that is not always the case but for now, I’m lovin’ it!!!!
The fair was a whole other county for him and from the food to the rides it was one great experience for him! Food for all of us was about $50 dollars. Piter had a chicken sandwich, Brian a cheeseburger, me a steak sandwich, and Chalea a turkey leg!!! Everyone took turns getting their picture taking a bite out of that one!!! We had curly fries and regular fries and the boys ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and crackers and I bought some cotton candy for everyone to share!!!! We even had leftovers of that! The ferris wheel was $12 for both of us and the glass and mirror house was $36 dollars for all 6 of us. That was really the highlight of the day! Piter had so much fun looking in the mirrors that made him short or fat or shaped like an oompa loompa that we laughed and laughed and laughed!!!! The camera stopped working because of low battery so we got one picture with Chalea’s camera and then bought one for the rest of the time. Piter also had a great time going down the slide but when I was getting ready to go down he looked like he was going to faint from fear of what I was doing. I was the first one down so I could catch the boys coming down. Piter came down after he saw I was okay and he loved it! The slide was just the regular curvy slide we have everywhere but he didn’t know what it was!!!! Chalea and Brian rode the hymalaya and that was 8 dollars for the 2 of them!!! Nathaniel and Gabriel got some blow up spiderman dolls. Piter helped Chalea win one for Gabriel, Brian won the other one. Both of them had their ages guessed wrong. I don’t know how far off on Brian but Piter’s age they said 48 and he is 44 so he won one. I don’t think he liked being guessed as older!!!! Chalea, Piter, Nathanial and I also rode the log ride. Brian doesn’t like it when his hearing aids get wet so he kept Gabriel with him!!! After this we went home we were all so very tired!!!!!!! Piter knew the way out of the park and to the car for which I was very happy to see because I am very much directionally impaired!!! My truck has a sign in it that Chalea bought me that says “Need Directions” God!!!!

Hello everyone!

Piter has now been in America and married 7 months!!! Since he hasbeen here we have done a small lifetime of fun things.... On his firstday here we went to the State Fair of Texas and he and I rode the skyhigh Ferris-wheel!!! After a week we were sealed in the Dallas Templethen off to our honeymoon in San Antonio for the accordion festival atthe Riverwalk. We also went to the Alamo and the Towers of America fora day and then to the State Capitol in Austin Texas! We have also beento 3 concerts...1 that members of our church put on with all themissionaries in the area, one at a high school, and one called theMystery Magical Tour about the Beatles! We have also been to theShrine Circus, Ripleys believe it or not, and the wax museum!!! Wehave been to a Championship high school football game at the Cowboysstadium, A Rangers baseball game, and the Scarborough Faire! We havespent time at the hospital with Erikah and her surgeries, and lots oftime and the Temple! We also have taken a trip to Corpus Christi Texasto see the Gulf of Mexico/America, the Texas Aquarium, and the USSLexington ship museum!!!! We also say San Antonio and Austin again. Wehave been to countless restaurants, Piter rode an Elephant, and wentto see 2500 ft of model train and track! We have also moved into a newapartment, and we both work all day Monday through Friday. I work atthe school district and he takes care of the grandkids all day. We areboth missionaries for the young single adults in our church and striveto attend all our meetings every Sunday. We have been very busygetting to know each other and getting Piter over here ever since wefirst met online March 18, 2005 but that was nothing compared to thelast 7 months. We are doing well and still waiting for Piter'sinterview for his greencard but all is in Heavenly Father's time so wewill wait and be patient!!! Love to all who read this!Piter and Heidi

Chicken and Frog get married