Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Staycation

Lots of people and lots to do....

I liked this artwork!
Beer check and then go get some more....that's how they make their money .
here was one of 2 Beer mug hats we saw! She was soooo funny.....she climbed up!
She sat down....she got up....
She climbed down!!!
Just something I had in my sights!!!!

It was a really great Staycation!
She was so much fun!
Chicken hats everywhere and every color...even camo!
This was an electronic Accordion with built in speakers! This guy was just having fun...but I hope the Lion drove home!
There was lots of needs for these!
Here's our winner! OOOPS....cart before the horse so to speak!
Of course you have to have the beer belly contest!

This little guy was dancing with his dog.....
this one was a walking advertisment....
She was a chicken coop!
And this man spent half the time dancing alone....but the other half someone would go and join him!
Good food!....Actually I grew up on this food since my mother was German too!

Even Security was on the dance floor!
They were so cute!
Good Dancing.....Great costumes!
Okay Piter was feeling a little stout!

But he loosened up pretty well!!!
Ve had a Vonderbar time!