Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Really not for the faint hearted....like me!!!

Seriously...she is still tramatized by it all.....

The smell was sooooooo bad....Piter had to put a mask on!

Now comes the part where everyone...but me...wants to see.... Are you sure you want to see?????? If not you can stop now!!!!

Okay...I really could only take a picture of the tail end.....but it was described as big as a rabbit!

I know I know...he looks so small and cute now in this picture But......

He is no longer with us and the smell is allllllllll goooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Frogs...Mud baths...Birthday's...and Tornado warnings!

The whole family wants in on the act when the frogs come calling!!!!

The kids have a wonderful use for the Foldgers containers from my work.... Warm rains are great!

Piter's birthday was a blast....literally...the wind was so strong we had to batten down the hatches....but...inside all was calm....more or less!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm so bad at this blogging but if I put my mind to it I will get better

Currently we are waiting for Piter's greencard to be renewed...living with the kids and grandkids to help with the finances, working and living life....Piter has been keeping up with the pool and yard, and garden, and helping convert part of the garage into a playroom for the grandkids!!!! He has fallen off a ladder a couple of times now but I think he might be finished with that!!! He has learned how to clean and maintain a pool, mow the yard, weedeat, and use a chainsaw...he is handy to have around!!! It's kinda cool being here since we can go on separate vacations from the rest of the family and not have to worry about an empty house or chores waiting for us when we get back!!! More later...enjoy the pictures! One is the tree he cut when he flew off the ladder. Another is the fruit of his labors!!! The one of the sky is actually the bottom of the pool and of course our favorite meeting house...The Dallas Texas Temple!!!