Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time to remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Steppin out with my baby....dinner and dancing with friends and loves!!!!
I'll meet you on the corner by the streetlight honey!!!!
No Piter you can't have that as a souvenir....
The back looks awesome but...

the front looks even more so.....

At your service my lady!!!

The Husbands waited on the Wives!!!!!
Line dancing the night away....
Facebook updating while dancing...look familiar????
So and so is now dancing at the Valentines Dance with so and so!!!
I think this contrast is great...even if it was an accident!!!
I love love me...we are happy as can be!!!!!!!
It's fun to play at the YMCAHaving a blast!
Boogie woogie!!!! We look much better in the picture than on the dance floor!!!

Love is grand!!!

I Love the soft glow of light in this picture!

After dancing the night's time to clean up and go home...15 minutes and we are all done...Gotta love Mormon help!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watch out!!!! There's ice under all that beauty!'s in my eye!
if only the ice would sweep away like the snow~

Look Grandma....Icicles!!!!
Chalea and Erikah checking on the child yelling for 5 minutes for mom...Where is she? She is on our side of the street at the neighbors house checking on them!!!
Gabriel got the top coat of snow off my car onto his back...Thanks mom!

That's a good family activity...clearing the snow off my car!
I know...these pictures are all in reverse but sometimes life needs to back up and rewind!
Get her boys!

Snow angels and dry snow fights!!!! This is all powder and ice!
Uh she comes....Run!!!
I'm ready...are you?
My turn!
I'm a good catch!!!!

Deep snow for Texas!
The garden is blanketed....fortunately it is empty!
So pretty and so deceiving!
No...Piter did not think about swimming in this weather!!!

All is calm....all is BRIGHT!!!

Sword.....errrrr Icicle swallowing!!!!! Now that's talent!!!!
Don't try this at home kids!
Hey...Where's mine?!!!

                                                        Look Grandma...I got one too!!!