Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dinner and a show....

I believe I've got this room just about ready for showtime....I wanted a "stage" area for the grandkids in the house so I created this little dinner theater!!!! I hope to see some artistic creations throughout the years in this very spot!

Let the shows begin!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome to our new home!!!

A look at our new home in a very sloppy manor....If you come this way stop by for a visit and a real look....In the meantime I will try to plan an open house...I'm not much of a party planner so don't expect too much!!!!! I'm also not much of a decorator so.....Here we go....

This is my favorite room in the house...I love how comfortable it is!!!! come on in and sit a spell!!! Welcome!

This is one of Piter's favorite spots!!!!

Our big bathroom and I love the blue roses!!!

What's behind this door is a wonderful invention....

Lazy Suzans are the best!!!! Spices can't hide from me in here!!!!

These pull our shclves are awesome!!!

Ahhhh the kitchen....Not my favorite place to be but....

Of course the most used room in the it's the most important!!!

These pictures and our garage are not organized's more important that the home is organized !!

Organization is the key...

Welcome to our new reality!!!

Our home...and when the garage is organized the car will be in it!!!!

The play room isn't quite finished yet but the wall has a giant world map on it and Gabriel and Piter have already played pool in there!!!

The dining room is very open, Unfortunately the glass table is not so great for kids but the place settings are!!!!

Very comfy and cozy!

That's the master bedroom in a nutshell!!! Actually that's the whole house...and I for one am grateful for it's small size...for us it's just right!

Welcome to our backyard...

Our new backyard has 2 pecan trees and a Mulberry bush which is actually a tree also!!!

Now you've had the tour...but hopefull when it cools down we will have an open house for everyone!!!!