Friday, January 20, 2012

Erikah has come a long way...

This is her at 9 months... She has come a long way!!!
Checking for pneumonia....

Waiting to be admitted....We just can't let our guard down with her...

even when she doesn't act sickly!

Most likely she was watching Snow's her favorite at the moment!

This may be a very nice hospital but I'm not feeling it right now...Look what they put in my hand! Good thing I'm left handed!!!

The food's if only I were hungry!!!!

My new shadow...and my new toothbrush!!!

Look what I got....Princess clothes!!!

This place just gets better and better...

Now it's my turn to get better and better!!!

I'm a Queen B.... They gave me a crown and everything!!

They want me to drink so I get popcicles!!!! I know just what I'm doing!!! ;)))

You're funny Dedushka...that's mine!!!
Feeling a bit better now...can I go yet?

Whoo hooo...they let me out of the room...and I can go play...

Tomorrow.....HOME!!!! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another ending and another beginning!!!

Hey hey's a new year... we ended the old year with some new adventures... first a good hearty (no I didn't say healthy) breakfast of Donuts and sausage rolls...yummy!!! The grandkids and I made some crafts, a small wastebasket, some owls, and some fortune cookie Valentines to name a few. I baked up some ice cream cones, made homemade HOT enchiladas, we made some play doh with sparkles and the kids kneaded in the colors, and added new art to the walls!!! It was a year to do things we never tried before! Thank you Pinterest!!!We went swimming on New Year's Eve...brrrrrrrrrrrr....even inside pools are not warm enough for me, at least this one wasn't. They said it was kept at 86 but I don't know about that. Maybe I just need it to be 107 degrees instead!!! The kids had a good time though and are already ready to return, but then again, they were ready to go back 30 minutes before we left!!!

Piter and David along with Nathaniel learned a new way to play the accordion and tried dueling accordioning!!! Is that even a word? It was quite the talent show!!! The kids played some new games and of course some Wii games and had fun... Usually the kids and I make sugar cookie ornaments but since they weren't coming over until after Christmas and it was just me this year I made M&M ornaments...they had a hard time choosing between those and the normal candy canes always on the tree each year...They got lots of snacks at grandma's house and enjoyed every one of them!!!

Perfect holiday??? Of course...NOT, but we tried to have a good time, and I believe we succeeded!!! They wanted a picture with their furry friends on Sunday, those friends stayed home but the grandkids were excited to see new friends again in our Ward on Sunday!!! The only resolution I've considered making so far (I'm a resolution as you go kind of person:), is making those enchilada's with green chilies instead of jalapeno's next time!!! That is one place I don't like the heat...spicy I'm not!!! Well....maybe I am, but in a different way!!! ;)

As for me...I had a blast and being so busy helped the kids have a better less stressful time!!! Not as much idle time to think of ways to get their siblings!!! I look forward to the next new adventure!!! And more dates with my charming chicken this year! (he got me this plant for my birthday which once again fell without fail on the last day of the year..go figure:)! Oh yeah, I claim that I turned a backward 25 this year. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Happy 2012 to all and to all a peaceful funfilled year!!!

We love you!