Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three festivals in two days....Whew!!!!

These are not in order but you get the picture anyway!!!!

Welcome to Plano!!!! This was actually our second festival on Friday...the first was Grapefest and Saturday was Oktoberfest but it's all in here!!! Enjoy!!!

ARRRRRRRRRR You ready matey?????

Just a nice shot!

I couldn't believe how hot these things were up close...but in the winter it would be great!!! Unfortunately we were in the humid heat=((((

this balloon was awesome!!!! I know it's double exposed but I love the buffalo above Piter's head...Something about humidity disrupts my Olympus camera....grrr... Piter got his Turkey will hear more about this further down!!!

Piter and Mr. Chip!!!

Beautiful !

The night balloon glow is amazing and I'm glad we went!!!

Like I said...not in order but fun and exhausting!

Piter really wants to drive one of these and anything else he sees but he isn't quite ready to take that test! Maybe after this year of ESL!!!! Oh well on to Oktoberfest!!!

We'll watch this video again and again!!!

The dancers are always fun to watch but here they are also playing the accordion and the bells!!!

Piter could hardly wain until he was hungry enough to eat lunch!!!! Breakfast at the hotel AND a leftover Turkey leg from the night before took awhile to overcome!!!! He eventually got hungry or just couldn't stand it anymore and had to have some!

These special steins were only $1000 for the set!!!

What a bargain!!! I really love the Tin Man!

They did so much of this....I got dizzy!!!!

Good food and good fun!!!!

Our first time at Grapefest....
No Way you are driving home in that!!!!!

Wine Celler anyone??? cannot drive home either! Limbo!!!!!!! and he can tip his hat at the same time!!! Talented!

I don't think Linus knows what he's talking about! Hrummmp!

Awwwwwww Piter how nice of you to want to help him up!!!

Forget the great pumpkin...look at that spider!!

The kids area was a lot of fun!!!!

Can we get something to eat yet????

The seemed to like their chocolate mint!!!!

The best part of Grapefest for the kids was the Pizza and Ice Cream!!!

I know this is a lot of pictures but then again....we did a lot in a little bit of time!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shreveport La.

Anything millitary interests Piter.....
He will have to memorize this....
We had a wonderful morning in Church and met someone from our old ward and someone who served a mission in Ukraine and knew a RM from our current ward!!!
Piter's eyes were much bigger than his stomach..but he had breakfast in the room the next morning!!!
this is always a good part of any summer trip....
Ahhhh Relaxation!!!!
On the Boardwalk...
Just one of many.....
A lot of shopping being done!
Ha Ha Ha...he's finally admitting to getting there!!!!
What am I doing????? Ahhhhhhh
Dinner time......Get out of my way!!!!
Banana snow cone!!!
Thank you, Thank you very much!!!
Do you think I'm sexy????
I know....I'm sooooo cute...but do you think this is my good side?
You only see me because I want to be seen....
Come here my pretty....and your little dog too!!!!
Come on and be my little teddy bear.....
Just a really cool home on the lake!!!!
Takes ya back don't it???
Got Milk????
Just a short 2 day trip to see the another new city....We had fun and we survived!!!