Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall harvest can mean... family too!!! :)

This fall brought us a new grandaughter in Ukraine. Her name is Eva. This is Maxim (Piter's Son's) first child so now we have 4 grandkids (3 from Daughter Valeria) in Ukraine, and (3 from Daughter Chalea) here in Texas for 7 total:).

That was the beginning but then we had fun at Fright Fest, and Dallas Arboretum in the pumpkin patch.

I had no idea he was back there!

Rock a bye baby;)
LOOK, A Green Apple Mom

Our family sitting in a pumkin patch...not KISSING LOL;)

Going to have a Ball!!!
A Charming family!!!

Reach for the skies!!!

Three Generations of us... we need help!!! 

This reminds me of the medical symbol if you look under the plant.....

Speaking of medical... I also got my shots this year... not fun but necessary....

We also celebrated number 8 with Bonsai Burgers and....

        Dessert.... Yummmmmmmy!!!

Fall has only just begun but it's off to a good start don't ya think???

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